Monday, April 25, 2016

Short Subject: Pluto’s Blue Note (1947)

Pluto gets a happy ending.

That’s what stuck out to me the most about this short.  When we start out with no one, not even the radio, wanting Pluto to sing with them and then he finds a cheat by using his tail like a record needle I fully expected him to be found out in the end.  Surprisingly though he doesn’t, there’s a moment when the record starts repeating and we think it all might come crashing down, but Pluto carries on.  He wins over the hearts of the ladies and all those who abandoned him earlier and they are none the wiser. 

I like seeing Pluto come out on top every now and again and the song he sings is really good so that just enhances this short further.  In fact the only downside I find is that it’s a bit weird seeing Pluto’s mouth forming words since it’s not something his character does.  Other than that this short works for me.  The music is lovely and Pluto getting the last laugh is nice to see.

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