Friday, April 15, 2016

Short Subject: Caine Casanova (1945)

Pluto continues to be a jerk and then gets better.

So, the short starts with Pluto spotting Dinah the Dachshund and being instantly smitten.  He then proceeds to be a complete boundary ignoring jerk.  He follows her when she is clearly not interested, tricks her into kissing him with a bone and then has the nerve to get this bashful ‘oh do I do that?’ look on his face!

Thankfully the rest of the short is better.  When Dinah gets captured by the dog catcher Pluto goes to rescue her, and gets to see his nasty behaviour reflected in other dogs in the process.  He gets her out of course, there’s some nice worm’s eye view animation on the dog catcher’s gun, he gets to show that he is courageous, compassionate, and intelligent, you know traits Dinah might actually like as opposed to being a creep.  Though I don’t know how much I like the ending joke with the reveal that she has puppies and Pluto looking at the camera with this sad face.  On the one hand it’s karma for Pluto only wanting to get with her for her looks, but on the other hand it’s a play on the old cliché of the poor put upon man.

Anyway while the beginning and ending are annoying in my eyes the middle does have its positives with Pluto being a good guy, some nice suspense with the dog catcher asleep and blocking the exit, and some very nice animation.  While not one of my personal favourites this short did have its moments.

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