Sunday, April 10, 2016

Short Subject: Tick Tock Tale (2010)

Newbies working on a short that has one line of dialogue and very little facial expressions and it doesn’t suck!

This is a classic story told in what I think is a fresh way.  You have an underdog that’s sneered at by everyone who uses their quirky looks and/or behaviour to save the day and earn the others respect.  In this case it’s a clock that runs slow and has a silly ringer that toils the hours.  I love the little guy banging the bells and dropping his pants it reminds me of the cuckoo clocks from Geppetto’s workshop in Pinocchio, and heck considering many of the current employees at Disney love the classics including John Lasseter I wouldn’t be surprised if the sound effects for the clock are reused from that film as an homage.

The physical comedy of the clock trying to remove the ringer is great and I love the angles used for those antics it really helps give the clocks personalities in new ways since they’re aren’t anthropomorphized with the usual things like eye’s, eyebrows, and mouths. 

I was genuinely shocked when the grand hero moment of the clock using its slow run time to alert the cop to the robbery taking ended with it getting stomped on by the burglar, but of course it all ends happily with the clock getting repaired and all the others clapping for that brave act of heroism.  

I really like this short I thought it took an old story and did something fresh and new while still keeping that personality driven core that Disney does so well.  For being done primarily by new people I think the really highlighted their skill for comedy and drama especially on non-traditional character designs.  

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