Saturday, April 9, 2016

Short Subject: Plutopia (1951)

No relation to Zootopia.

Well since we opened with Mickey in a t-shirt, one of the classic signs of everyman!Mickey, I shouldn’t be surprised that boredom followed quickly.

 All this short is basically is a dream sequence where Pluto gets to have his perfect world after the utopia camp ground turns out to be anything, but that for him.  He gets to eat steak and hotdogs and bully the cat who stole his dinner and bone, after he chased said cat up a tree.  There’s nothing here story wise it’s just Pluto indulging in fantasy.  Also the cat’s voice is really annoying and Mickey’s ending line of “What happened?” could not sound more unenthused.  The only mildly enjoyable thing is early in the dream sequence when the door and stairs are just thick outlines.  It has that UPS style that I like seeing just for 
variety in look.

Other than that nothing to see here move along.     

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