Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Short Subject: Cat Nap Pluto (1948)

Figaro annoys Pluto.

A pretty standard plot as far as shorts go, but what makes this one more fun is that Pluto is exhausted throughout it.  So not only is there a cute sandman Pluto constantly throwing sand at him to make him fall sleep, before giving up and whacking him with a mallet, there’s also the fact that Pluto gets all riled up only to fall asleep before he can really do anything to Figaro. 

Figaro, much like Pluto in ‘First Aiders’, acts like the typical annoying little brother.  He chases Pluto’s tail, jumps on him and scratches him, though from the scene where he rubs against Pluto’s legs we know Figaro does like him and bothers him because it’s fun, not out of spite or malice.  He also gets conked on the head by his own sandman version at the end and they fall asleep together.  

I liked this short a lot.  It’s a nice twist on formal to have Pluto not all up and ready to fight, but instead barely interested in Figaro’s antics at times.  Also it’s nice seeing them together at the end and not having Minnie being the one to force the kiss and make up resolution.   

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