Saturday, April 23, 2016

Short Subject: The Legend of Coyote Rock (1945)

Hey the coyote actually has name!

This is the story of how Bent Tail, sans his son, tried to eat the sheep being guarded by Pluto.  Again it’s the same plot as ‘Sheep Dog’ but what puts this above ‘Pests of the West is the variations.  For instance there’s a narrator here, telling the story of how the coyote rock came to be through this conflict.  The sheep have a different design and the black one actually gets to do things like escape Bent Tail’s trap, and point out the new rock formation to Pluto.

Those changes offer just enough variety from me to enjoy this short and the beautiful backgrounds and landscapes really enhance it too.  So while the plot sets the tone that the other shorts would emulate this one has enough changes for me to enjoy it.      

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