Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Nitpicker's Guide to Star Trek 2009 Part 2

The reason I brought up the whole idea of this franchise being more than entertainment is that, for me, that is the biggest sticking point in all of this.  Having entertainment is of course important.  You can have a deep concept, but if you don’t present it a way that’s interesting to an audience people won’t care.  Star Trek: The Motion Picture certainly has this issue.  The film has a high concept, and it’s less interesting than watching paint dry.  However, making something entertaining is, in my opinion, the surface layer of a project.  You can make a fun ride of a movie and then you make a fun ride of a movie that means something.  That a viewer can see multiple times and keep finding new things to think about, or different ways to view characters.  This film does not do that, the creators don’t even seem to consider that they should do that, and no where is that more noticeable than in the special features on the DVD of this film. I’m talking specifically about the “A New Vision” featurette. 

The Nitpicker’s Guide to Star Trek 2009 Part 1

Well it has been said that those who criticize Star Trek 2009 are just nitpicking every little detail and should just enjoy the movie for what it is.  In honour of that sentiment I’m going to pick apart the film scene by scene and anything that contradicts canon, isn’t explained, or that I think is just plain stupid is getting called on the carpet.  Now I know people are thinking, this film came out almost three years ago, isn’t this a big waste of time?  Maybe so, but I’m having fun.