Friday, April 1, 2016

Short Subject: Rollercoaster Painters (1999)

The trio paints a roller coaster.

In this short it’s a race to see who can paint the most of the roller coaster and win the lifetime pass to the amusement park.  Naturally Donald is the one who wants the most to get it and clashes with Mickey who wants to give him a run for his money.  This leads to Donald making a nice looking paint gun out of items in the park, and Mickey having some great come backs in the paint splatter war like waiting for his car to go down a hill before he releases a paint balloon so it will splattered on Donald in the car behind him.  I like when Mickey is allowed to have a edge to him especially since his initial teasing of Donald was all in good fun.

Goofy wins of course by going for the slow and steady wins the race theme, though its’ a shame none of his trademark clumsiness is on display.  With all the paint being flung it’d be nice if some of it came from him.  He also has this weird oblivious trait like ripping up the pass at the end to give to his friends and a delayed reaction to the announcement of the roller coaster motto.    

The animation isn’t really high quality, but the expressions are really good, and I enjoy litte touches like that fact that when Mickey and Donald fall into the paint truck with their blue and red buckets and spill out the doors the paint comes out purple.

I like this short quite a bit.  There could have been a bit more developments for the characters like including Goofy’s clumsiness and not making him come off like an idiot, and a better animation budget. but overall I think it works.

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