Thursday, April 14, 2016

Short Subject: Bone Trouble (1940)

The title kind of makes sense I guess?

Or at least the opening matches the title as Pluto steals Butch’s bone and gets chased all around the neighbourhood as he tries to get it back, but then the middle of the short has Pluto hiding in a hall of mirrors at a carnival and getting wrapped up in the funky shapes he takes on in the mirrors, then forgetting all about Butch until he shows up at the end and Pluto uses the mirrors to scare him away.

Now I actually really like the time Pluto spends in front of the mirrors.  The animation of the different sizes and shapes his reflection morphs into are really cool.  The problem is that opening with the stealing of the bone.  If this had just been like Donald’s ‘A Good Time for a Dime’ where Pluto goes into the house of mirrors, because he is at the carnival, and explores the location I think it would have been even better.  Pluto was in the wrong for taking the bone from Butch so I’m immediately unsympathetic to him and for me the fun of the mirrors is lessened a little, because Butch is still out there and I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop wondering when he’ll show up again.

So the short is pretty average all things considered.  The beginning drags it down with what I think is unneeded plot set up and makes Pluto look like a jerk, but the fun animations of Pluto in all the mirrors are great and I really enjoyed that.

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