Friday, April 22, 2016

Short Subject: Pests of the West (1950)

Okay this time the coyotes have worn out their welcome.

Not just to Pluto, who is guarding a chicken coop this time, but to me for bringing nothing new to the table.  Them hiding by looking like plants was fun in ‘Sheep Dog’ because they were silhouetted against the night sky.  Here they just do it against a wall and it doesn’t look nearly as good.  The goal of getting food is still the same and Pluto wanting to stop them hasn’t changed either.  Even the ending is similar to ‘Sheep Dog’ with him running off with his son instead of the prey.

The only things I like really are the title of the short and the scene of them hiding in Pluto’s doghouse, because that scenario hasn’t been used before and it’s magical gotten bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.  Other than that this short is pretty forgettable.   

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