Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Short Subject: Get a Horse! (2013)

I love this!

I love every minute of this.  I love the homage to the early shorts from the opening and closing title cards, to the rubber hose animation, to the fact that all of Mickey’s dialogue is archived footage from Walt Disney; along with most of Pete and Minnie’s dialogue as well.  I love that it combines new technology with traditional animation, though yes I will still say I like the 2D designs better, Oswald and Mickey even get to be side by side for the very first time on the big screen.    

The music is great, the look is great, and the plot is a classic.  Pete captures Minnie and Mickey rescues her.  It also has a great modern twist by using the movie screen to do it and allowing for a whole ton of hilarious slapstick.  

This is just a great example of Disney at its finest.  This short celebrates what came before and adds something new too, and if Walt had been here to see it I think he would have been proud.

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