Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Short Subject: Sheep Dog (1949)

Cute and clever.

Those are the words that come to mind most with of this short, which is funny, because it’s certainly not supposed to be cute.  It’s about coyotes trying to feed on the flock of lambs Pluto is watching.  But the lambs are cute, especially the black one, and the baby coyote is cute particularly when dressed in the lamb suit.

The lamb suit then brings in the clever angle.  I like that both sides use the wool disguise to fool each other.  First with the baby coyote to sneak in and then Pluto uses it to make himself and decoy for the coyotes to take.  I like how the coyotes use their fluffy bodies to look like bushes and use a stick to lift up the wires on the fence.  I love that unlike ‘Hook. Lion, and Sinker’ there is no growly dialogue everything is conveyed with expressions and one nice imagination animation of Pluto being a devil dog.

In closing this was a short that I thought looked cute and had clever characters and that told the story visually.    

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