Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Short Subject: In Dutch (1946)

Pluto is in Holland with Dinah.

 Dinah’s character design has switched yet again and I think this my favourite one of her for the nice colours along with a cute face and body shape.  Another great thing here is that she gets to really do something!  Sure she starts out as the love interest for Pluto and he pours milk into tulips for her and it’s quite cute, and then they accidentally set off the emergency alarm.  This gets the townspeople upset, and their look and voices get me upset.  The voices are annoying, and because it’s taking place in Holland everyone has to have blond hair and wear clog shoes ugh.    

Anyway after that both Dinah and Pluto and banished form the town and that’s when the realizes the town is in danger and they both take action.  They rescue the town together and that was really fun to see.  I love that they both get to contribute, that it was a team effort, and that that continued as at the end they are both delivering the milk together.

So although the townspeople are annoying stereotypes with grating voices the story of Dinah and Pluto is their most interesting one for me so I have to say that I liked this short very much for that reason.

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