Sunday, April 3, 2016

Short Subject: First Aiders (1944)

Minnie practices first aid and Pluto and Figaro take the opportunity to annoy one another.

Like 'Figaro and Frankie' the plot is rather predictable, but still fun.  One thing’s that’s great is that Minnie is doing something that doesn’t involve Mickey!  She’s learning a skill on her own and doing what I believe is an outdated version of CPR at least I’ve never seen a move where you press on someone’s back to encourage them to breathe.  That’s still nice to see though.

Another nice thing to see is that Figaro is provoked into acting like a jerk after shoves him into the mop bucket and the first aid supplies.  So his revenge when Pluto is left initially immobile from being tied with splints and bandages us understandable.   The chase when Pluto eventually breaks free is good too with Figaro in the white glove and Pluto hopping around in a boot, although I could have done without the racist portrayal of the Chinese when Pluto falls in a hamper.

The only thing the bugs me is the ending where again we have them kissing and making up.  I think having them both in splints or other first aid equipment and glaring at each other would have been better, but despite my distaste for the ending this is still an entertaining short

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