Sunday, April 24, 2016

Short Subject: Food for Fuedin’ (1950)

Pluto versus Chip and Dale.

Okay the action that sets this short into motion is really contrived.  Chip and Dale are storing nuts as is their way and then Pluto comes along with his soup bones.  He buries two of them and then shoves the third one into Chip and Dale’s tree purely so the nuts will roll down into his doghouse.    

Thankfully while the setup is stupid the rest of the short is not.  I love Chip and Dale using the gardening gloves as disguise and it’s makes for a lot of fun animation as they try to distract Pluto with back scratches and playing fetch.  How one of them manages to hover in the glove at one point I don’t know, but whatever cartoon physics.  I also like how they get Pluto to bring the nuts back to the tree by leashing him to his doghouse and then throwing the ball.  Furthermore it has a nice ending with all of them tangled up with their hands and having a good laugh about it and that was nice to see.

So, while the set up was stupid and poorly thought out the rest of the short makes up for that by having some nice animation and fun antics to watch.

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