Monday, April 11, 2016

Short Subject: The Ballad of Nessie (2011)

Man this short reminds me of how much I miss traditional animation.

I just like it more than I do 3D.  I think it offers more variety in character design.  I think it allows you to be more stylized in background design too like in ‘John Henry’ of here with the Tartan design that runs through the entire piece.  I really miss seeing it on a regular basis in the movie theatre.

Anyway on to the short itself, which is lovely.  I really like the design of Nessie, that was twenty years in the making as one of the heads of the short drew dragons all the time as a kid, the way her tail is used to simulate that old loch ness monster image and the cute mop of hair. 

I love everything about this short really.  I love that it’s done in rhyme I love the music I love that in opens with the classic fairy-tale book motif.  I love that during the credits we see MacFoogle floating by on his flooded out golf course and the letter falling off his sign so it turns from MacFoogle into Mac Fool.

I also think it has a lovely message: that it’s okay to cry.  Achieving catharsis is how Nessie made the lock that is now her home and had she continued to bottle up her feelings that never would have happened.  So a first rate short in my eyes with great designs, a fun story, and a good message.

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