Thursday, April 21, 2016

Short Subject: Camp Dog (1950)

Pluto did a better job guarding the sheep.

The situation here is very similar to the last short only this time the coyotes are trying to steal food from a campsite Pluto is at.  The resulting slapstick reminds me very much of the Warner Brothers’ shorts with the food box hitting the adult coyote multiple times, Pluto raising up the back of the camping tent so he can get a running start to escape through the front of the tent and so on.

I think this is even better than ‘Sheep Dog’ because Pluto does a worse job of being a guard, by the end the camp is a mess, he starts eating the food, and rather than face the music Pluto runs off to join the pair of coyotes howling at the moon.  I thought that was really clever.  An ending that was more of a surprise than the typical Pluto getting yelled at by the owners and taking the blame for everything that wasn’t his fault.

The slapstick, the ending, and the running gag of the little coyote constantly taking the sleeping Pluto out of the tent because he wants to eat him make this short so much for fun to watch.  The comedic timing is great, the gags are funny, and I enjoyed the twist where no one got any food at the end they just hang out under the moon to avoid the consequences of breaking everything.

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