Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Short Subject: A Case for the Bass (2014)

Applejack versus the Flim Flam brothers.

No it’s not ‘The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000’ episode it’s one the shorts of each girl and her instrument in the lead up to the film Rainbow Rocks.   After Granny Smith sells Applejack’s bass at their yard sale to the brothers by accident she had to get it back by proving that it’s hers.  She does this by rocking out on said bass and ponying up in the process.  Why playing music causes them to pony up is never going to be explained  it’s just an excuse to sell more merchandise by having the girls do activities their pony counterparts can’t or don’t do while looking so what like the design the audience is used to.  

That doesn’t make this short bad just unengaging for me.  The best part by far was the ending where Applejack had to promote the Flim Flam brother’s store in a banana costume while playing her bass.  It’s a nice bit of humour and shows the bothers at their best by letting her have the bass back, but getting something for themselves in the deal.

So after all it’s not bad just meh and certainly not one of my favourites of these shorts.

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