Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Short Subject: Perfect Day for Fun (2014)

Now that the band is all together, don’t ask why Twilight is there, it’s time for a music video!

Yeah the last three shorts in the Rainbow Rocks set are all done in song that describes the actions of the characters rather than a true to form story.  Here everyone is meeting up to do a concert at the amusement park. 

And as is the running theme for most of these shorts the best I can say is meh.  The song is generic and quite forgettable and the ‘plot’ is too.  The most fun I have with this short is seeing the girl’s cutie marks used in the text messages and the Easter eggs like Fluttershy whacking the Discord doll and Big Mac and Ms. Cheerilee standing together in the crowd.  Other than that nothing really grabs my attention here.  It’s works for the intended demographic sure, but I just don’t care for it.    

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