Monday, May 23, 2016

Short Subject: Shake Your Tail (2014)

From a generic concert at the amusement park to a generic concert at the gym.

Once again we can’t ask why Twilight is here, because the answer is merchandising.  All six characters need to be in the band, and wearing ridiculous outfits, for the toy-line; and you can’t use Sunset Shimmer yet otherwise it spoils the plot of the film so moving on. 

Like ‘Perfect Day for Fun’ the plot here is generic , but unlike that short this song is much more memorable.  Yes it’s just about them getting ready to party, but it just so catchy, and I love seeing all the different personalities at play with all the themes they come up with for the dance.  And who doesn’t love seeing Granny Smith shake her groove thing with the kids?  There’s also a nice call back with the tails and ears from the first film being used here and that fits with the lyrics of the song as well.

While again the plot is simple and it is being used to push toy sales with what I think are hideous designs the song is a total ear worm, the cameo gags are fun, and I like all the dance ideas the girls come up with so it’s a fun short for me.

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