Thursday, May 12, 2016

Short Subject: Player Piano (2014)

The band is finally all together!

Or at least they would be if Rarity was able to get to practice on time.  Having a grand piano as your instrument isn’t very practical as she soon learns.  It is completely in Rarity’s character to pick that instrument though and to love being carried around on it as her way of getting to the rehearsal space.  I also love that the title card reflects this with its elegant look and bust of Rarity sitting on the piano. 

That doesn’t leave a lot to comment on for the short though.  Rarity struggles to get to rehearsal and once she does the group has to move to the next space across campus.  She gets the keytar as a more portable instrument and loves it, and then the diamond dogs carry both instruments and her to the gym.  That’s it nothing more to say really.  There’s a great line from Applejack about Rarity wanting to make a grand entrance before she arrives like an express on the piano in all her glory that’s the stand out moment for me and the rest is just okay.  

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