Saturday, May 7, 2016

Short Subject: Guitar Centered (2014)

The great and powerful Trixie!  Will battle you...with a guitar.

All right we finally get to an Equestria Girls short that I like!  This short is just a ton of fun.  I love that Rainbow Dash is in a competition when she ponies up.  I love that Trixie is the one she has the guitar battle with.  I love that Dash chooses the less flashy guitar she battled with, although why it goes all bright blue and shiny I don’t know, but really who cares, certainly not the writers.  Anyway back to positive stuff I love that Trixie wins and ends up with a guitar she can’t actually buy and her cry of “you’ll pay for this!”  is meet with Pinkie’s ”no silly you’ll have to pay for it.”

This was well done with some nice banter, a fun story, and some good animation of the battle for being Flash based.

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