Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Short Subject: Hamstocalypse Now (2014)

Fluttershy cleans the hamster habitat while Rarity starts a fashion feud.

Another meh short from the Rainbow Rocks set.  The characters are all consistent with Fluttershy helping the animals at the shelter, and Rarity bringing her fashion sense to the role as well as naming all the hamsters.  Fluttershy using her tambourine to get the hamsters to calm down and go back to their habitat works as a substitute for the ability to talk to creatures her pony counterpart has.  From that standpoint it’s serviceable I just don’t find the story fun.  I don’t’ care about hamsters starting a fight over a scarf.   

For younger audiences I bet they’d enjoy this, but I simply don’t.  Still at least the characters are consistent and the title is a nice nod to Apocalypse Now

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