Thursday, May 5, 2016

Short Subject: Pinkie on the One (2014)

Rainbow Dash is a moron.

At least that’s what I take away from this.  Right from the get go we see that Pinkie has the skills she is looking for in a drummer for her band.  So every activity Pinkie does like pounding the glitter container, stirring the batter, and tapping her utensils just reinforces what we in the audience already know: Pinkie is going to be the band’s drummer.  Thus I’m bored by the whole thing quickly, because I’m waiting for Rainbow Dash to figure out the obvious.  Yes, the fact that she doesn’t is the joke I just don’t find it funny.

It’s not bad short in terms of production though.  It’s colourful and the music and sound effects for Pinkie’s antis are nice.  While I still like the girl’s pony designs over their human one’s the human ones have still grown on me over time.

For me this is again a meh short simply because I don’t find the running gag they used funny.

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