Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Short Subject: The Art of Self Defense (1941)

Goofy takes up boxing.


This is basically a how to short under a different name, probably because something like How to Fight would have seen as not family friendly.  It follows the typical pattern of history and specifics of the art.  The history I find less interesting this time, because it’s basically two Goofy’s pounding on each other in different outfits.  Although the narrator yelling quiet at the cavemen , Goofy as various versions of Father Time, and the background design in the fisticuffs match save it from being completely unwatchable.    

I really like the boxing stuff and the shadow boxer is my favourite part.  I love how it just takes charge of the fight and schools Goofy on every move.  And I love how Goofy’s response is to pull his belt up higher and higher so his shadow can’t hit him.  The only thing I don’t really like is the slow motion section.  I don’t why, but something in the animation just seems odd to me.  Also the ending feels really abrupt yeah the knockout is a given, but I don’t know it still feels like there could have been something else to go with it rather than the short just stopping.

So while there are a couple of iffy spots for me here I still do like this short over all.  The narrator getting to interact a little bit with the characters with the yelling of quiet and foul, and setting the pace of breathing are great.  I love the transitions through each time period, even if the fighting is boring, and the comic strip style background the fisticuffs brawl is something I would actually like to so more of.

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