Monday, January 4, 2016

Short Subject: Double Dribble (1946)

Goofy plays basketball.

That’s the short in a nutshell.  Two teams all made of Goofys play basketball.  The underdog short player wins the big game and that's it. This isn’t nearly as much fun as ‘Hockey Homicide’.  The narrator isn’t as upbeat. The only real audience gag this time is the lonely PU fan.  The referee only has the gag of being blind without his glasses, it’s just not as engaging.  And that’s a shame because this came out after ‘Hockey Homicide’ so I would think that there would be an effort to be better than your previous work not just okay. 

That isn’t to say it’s all bad though.  I do like the half time gag of the players not even getting to the dressing room before the next half starts.  I like the scoreboard acting like a slot machine, and I like the away team being called PU.  The gag with the coach ripping up his contract is funny and I noticed an animation error when he was piecing it back together where a piece vanished for a few frames, someone in ink and paint clearly missed a section.  I have fun spotting silly mistakes like that especially in Disney because it tends to be rather rare.  Also I like the title I think it's a fun reference to an illegal move in the game and truth in advertising considering basically everything done by every player in this match up is illegal.

So while I don’t love this short like I do the last one it’s still serviceable.

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