Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Short Subject: How to Haunt a House (1999)

Goofy haunts a house.

Now this is more like it.  A fun premise that does all the kinds of things one would expect from a ghost, creepy sounds, the bed sheet, and opening the creaky door in the manner only Goofy can do.  I think it’s really great that once Goofy knows his being among the dearly departed is just temporary he gets right in to it merrily singing a haunting I will go as he goes to the house he picked to haunt.  I like the fun call backs to other shorts like the fact that Ajax is being used as the go to company for everything.  It was the kit company in ‘How to Be a Spy’ and now it’s the newspaper stand.

The transitions of the tombstones and the lightening fit great with the theme and the narrator fits nicely too, especially when he lowers his voice to be extra creepy.  The animation takes full advantage of the theme too like how Goofy can’t sit in chairs and how he oozes out of the bathtub tap, because his body is incorporeal.  Also I like the fuzzy white outline he has as a ghost.  

Finally I love the ending where, in keeping with the twists of this era, Goofy finally succeeds in scaring Donald without even trying, and then Donald becomes a ghost too through another traffic accident.  Then they both show us how to end a cartoon with the comic scream and iris out.

This was a very nice how to short.  It took full advantage of its theme by providing fun haunting scenarios for Goofy, a great overall look and feel of the dark and spooky night variety, all with animation and a narrator to match it.  Well done guys.        

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