Saturday, January 9, 2016

Short Subject: Goofy’s Freeway Troubles (1965)

A direct sequel to ‘Freewayphobia.’

Well not so much a sequel as it is a continuation, which is my excuse for not putting this in sequel summer.  I mean it literally starts with the exact same opening as ‘Freewayphobia’ right down to the title cards.  It’s a shorter series of the clips of the three types of drivers for the previous short before we transition to a new: stupidicus maximus.  This character allows for several more driving don’ts to be established: don’t loosely pack items in the car and/or trailer, keep up with regular maintenance, make rest stops when needed, and keep the tank filled with gas.  

Again there are several updates that have been made over the years.  Obviously flares and reflectors are out with the advent of cellphones and all the standard safety equipment cars come with these days.  The other thing I find jarring actually is the indifferent attitude towards drinking and driving.  While the checklist at the end does say no alcohol within the story it’s basically an afterthought that’s just tacked on with driving while fatigued.  It’s weird because we put so much emphasis on this problem now a days that they didn’t back then.        

Despite a bit of disconnect because the past is a different country this short still works well.  Goofy again allows for ample slapstick while providing education about the freeway and how to best drive on it.  The advice is solid for the adults and the antics are fun for kids all in all another good example of educating with entertainment.

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