Thursday, January 14, 2016

Short Subject: How to Dance (1953)

Hey a combination between Goofy and his fifties counterpart George Geff.

I say combination as he keeps the traditional Goofy look, even drops his hat off at the coat check, but the scenario is very much in the everyman suburban realm that was the staple of so many of the 50’s shorts with Geff.  The slapstick is kept to a minimum, mostly Goofy haphazardly doing dance steps and getting electrocuted.  Although I do like how both times he dances with a partner wheels are used to cheat movement.

There are some great transitions here with the tribal dance and the couple leaving cutting to a modern ballroom where Goofy is sitting away from the action too, but was clocking the girl on the head with a club and dragging her off to a cave really necessary?  I know 50’s mentalities let it go, let it go.  Anyway there’s also a great shot at the end where the wallpaper of the ballroom matches the jungle foliage of the opening and of course the groups dancing does too.   It provides that nice irony of men having come a long way according to the narrator and we see that he really hasn’t.

The story itself is good too.  While the slapstick minimal it’s funny and I like all the dance styles Goofy shows off at the dance academy.  The music is lively and upbeat and if nothing else I gotta love this short for the Firehouse Five Plus Two cameo at the end, and all of Goofy’s hard work culminating in getting the stuffing kicked out of him.

All in all a wonderful fun well made short worthy of checking out.

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