Monday, January 11, 2016

Short Subject: How to Play Golf (1944)

“Contrary to popular belief golf is not a waste of time.”

Well I love it already.

That intro line is great, but the following talk of the importance of the game of golf these days always makes me think of George Carlin’s skit about giving the homeless golf courses and watching business men play miniature golf.

Anyway I like this short a lot mostly for the use of the basic figure.   It doesn’t just show how to do the correct golf swing and then go away it becomes a character it its own right.  It demonstrates putting, diagrams the hook shot, and provides moral support for Goofy when he gets frustrated.  Also watching it get tied up on the 7th hole flag is funny and shows that you can get great comedy and expression out of the simplest design.

I also really like the sound effects and music for this short.  They work perfectly with the movements of the ball and provide great build up as our heroes get chased around the course by the bull at the end.  And Goofy himself is a lot of fun, again blending his ability to bend his body in knots with the golf club and other obstacles in the game, with the contrast of negative emotions like showing off frustration, especially in the sand trap.  The animation is great, so great that the putting section is reused in ‘They’re Off’, there’s even one point when Goofy takes off his gloves when his hands get stuck to the club, a rare sight indeed.

Again another great Goofy short and one of my personal favourites from the how to collection.

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