Sunday, January 31, 2016

Short Subject: How to Be a Rock Star (2002)

Goofy tries to be a rock star and it fails.

And not in a good way.  Once again Powerline did this first and he did it better.  The rock star clothes joke is just a groaner and even them pulling Goofy off with the hook, because they know it stinks doesn’t save it.  The transitions are nothing special and it looks like the text is struggling to fit on the drum face.  I mean with have  a section about tattoos and piercings and you’re telling me we couldn’t have a cool use of text and background for that?  Speaking of those the tattoos phrases are nice, but they vanish when the piercings get put on and the inconsistency annoys me since the section is called pricings and tattoos not or.  Also the timing of the sound effects and Goofy bouncing around trying to free himself from the guitar is well done, but those are pretty much the only things I like here.

For me there just isn’t enough substance in this short to make it work.  The different clothing idea has been done better in other shorts like ‘How to Cool, Groovy, and Fly.’  The hair joke I just find gross with the ‘Hairy manilow’ mass, and the music executive stuff and Goofy getting discovered seems rushed.  I think it would better to have that be the intro and then lead into the other things.  There could have even been the hint of a theme with Goofy giving up his image of the course of the short just to be popular.  

Finally the rap at the end is godawful.  Sure it’s meant to be, but for me there’s a difference between being bad in a laughable way, and just being ear bleeding painful.  Also with the reuse of the hip hop clothes that just seals the deal that this has basically nothing to do with rock and roll at all.  Again at least Powerline’s design and show match his genre.

Truly for me this is one short to skip over.

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