Saturday, January 30, 2016

Short Subject: How to Be a Baseball Fan (2000)

Goofy watches others play baseball.

I wasn’t expecting much from this short at first, I mean what can you do with just watching baseball?  The answer is quite a lot.  There’s good use of music as Goofy climbs to his seat, I love the return of the Ajax brand with the blimp in that scene.  Goofy getting all the fan essentials drooped on him like foam fingers, pompoms, plush toys, and of course an air-horn is great, and I like that that continues with him getting covered in peanuts, hotdogs, and soda from the vendor.    

I love the airhorn acting as a bleeper as Goofy basically curses out the umpire and the other team.  I even like that they aren’t the usual Goofy stand ins, but instead look like Pete.  I thought the animation of Goofy catching the game winning ball by stretching out and having the baseball glove and his white glove fly off was really good.  Then of course him getting pummelled so hard for fan interference that even his hat is in a cast by the end is perfect.  They even threw in a fun cameo of Goofy Jr.  yanking the winning baseball, and the foal ball earlier.

This was for me a surprisingly fun and funny short.

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