Sunday, January 3, 2016

Short Subject: Hockey Homicide (1945)

Score one for a short that took me by surprise.

I really didn’t think I was going to like this short very much considering the plethora of Goofy sports shorts that there are I wasn’t expecting anything really unique here, but that’s indeed what I got.

Unlike the how to shorts the narrator doesn’t spend any time explaining the rules or the game we just go right into gags with crowd.  The guy trying to relax in the stands and getting crowded in I’ve seen before, but I like how the gag stays with him and the guy beside him both cheering for different teams so they’re rough housing with each other.  They interact with the players too when the puck gets switch out with a burger.  The short has a great flow and combines three different things during the game.  The gags of the spectators in the stands,  Bertino and Ferguson going in and out of the penalty box, and the antics of the game itself with the referee getting pummelled  and the gags with both goalies.

Then at the end the whole thing just goes nuts as pucks are sent flying everywhere, with a nice bit of foreshadowing too with referee shown to have extra pucks in his pocket, goals are scored by the hundreds, clips from other shorts are thrown as the crowd rushes onto to the ice to show the chaos and it’s all wonderfully tied together by Doodles Weaver’s excellent frenzied narration.

This is a great short.  I love how energetic everything is.  I love how all the gags are connected throughout the game.  I love that the players are all named after Disney animators and story men and I love at the end they’re just sitting up in the stands eating burgers and ice cream watching the crowd punch each other out.  It’s just a really fun short and I get the feeling everyone making it had a good a time as the audience does watching it.

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