Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Short Subject: How to Swim (1942)

Goofy goes swimming.

This again is another well done how to short.  The narration is good, the scenarios are funny, and of course the animation is top notch.  I like that this short takes advantage of Goofy’s rubber hose style body type to tie him up is knots with cramps, contort him in the beach locker, and trip him up in slow motion on the diving board.  It’s this great contrast of sophisticated narrator and Goofy being Goofy that makes the how to shorts so fun to me.  

I also really like the transitions here with the water coulor pictures of each activity.  And Goofy’s forties bathing suit has an unintended hilarity when compared to what people where at the beach these days.  The diving diagram isn’t as much fun as the one from ‘How to Golf’ because it completely lacks any personality, but Goofy diving into the empty pool is funny.

All in all a well put together how to short that takes what could have been a boring subject matter and makes it fun and interesting.       

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