Thursday, January 7, 2016

Short Subject: Motor Mania (1950)

You know it is so dang sad that this short is over 65 years old and still as relevant today as it was back then.

Sure the style of cars are different now, but everything in here still applies.  Not looking back when reversing, weaving in and out of lanes, not picking a lane and staying in it, it’s all still being done.  And I should know, here in Canada we’ve had a worst driver reality show running for over a decade, and every season someone from my province makes it in! 

Also in this short we get the classic bad driving habit of not yielding to pedestrians, though the ping pong animation is nice, and I do like that the short points out that pedestrians also causes issues by walking distractedly into the street.  As a neat aside In the Disney Family collection there’s a great section where Frank Thomas talks about character walks and re-enacts the walks from this short to great hilarity.
The animation here is really good actually I like that transformation from Mr. Walker to Mr. Wheeler, and the fun gag that his neighbour is George Geef.  I like the combination of the cartoony style of Goofy with the realistic car and street designs, and the drive carefully message painted on a box and the accidents increase newspaper article are great visual gags.

I like this short a lot for its design, the technicolour look I guess of a lot of the 50’s shorts is really appealing to me, and I like that it talks about a topically problem, road rage, in a funny and light hearted manner that will hopefully get some in the audience thinking about their own bad habits.  However like Mr. Wheeler telling the narrator to shut up when he reminds him to be courtesy on the road I’m not holding my breath.        

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