Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Short Subject: How to Play Football (1944)

Why is it called that?

Seriously this short is called ‘How to Play Football’, but instead of talking about the game, they literally muffle that part out, we’re just watching Goofy play football with a lot fun gags and some great angles thrown in. 

There’s a different announcer than usual and different opening music, and that works given the tone shift away from other how to shorts.  Also the opening of everyone from fans to doctors and mascots being important to the game and pouring out before the players do is great.
This is more energetic than ‘Double Dribble’ was and the same coach is used in both and that’s good although I don’t know why they went for the crazy coat gag at the end.  It just seems to come out of nowhere.  It seems to be a gag for the sake of a gag and I think there’s a bit too much of that going on in this short.   I don’t think we needed the cheerleaders punching each other out gag for instance or the coach in the locker room gag, and the devil face he morphs into at one point is just creepy.  And were the butt shots really necessary?

Also a minor complaint for this line” “tech is snowed under by a wave of tech.”  Was that a flubbed line that never got fixed?  The teams are Taxidermy and Anthropology only one of them is tech.  Those names for college football teams are great though.  

All in all it’s still a perfectly well made short.  The slapstick is good, the music and announcer work well.  The angles with the football being tossed and kicked around add nice visual variety, but it’s not one of my personal favourites of the how to bunch simply because it’s not in that how to formula, I think it should have been called something else and maybe done a few less gags.

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