Thursday, January 28, 2016

Short Subject: How to Ride a Bicycle (1999)

Goofy rides a bike.

This is another well done how to short.  I love the transitions between each subject and how many have their own matching images.  Accessories get the horn, helmet, and air pump; while rules of the road card gets several types of traffic signs. 

I enjoy how enthused Goofy is about wanting to race his bike and that he is quite good at it.  He keeps up well in the BMX race and only really gets slowed down by the other bikers, resulting in the usual slapstick.  Still Goofy is determined, and his tenacity, and remembering to wear a helmet, win the day.  Then we get to end with a great remainder of the most important rule of riding a bike: to watch where you’re going.
The only things I‘d have to say I don’t like are the night visual gag, I don’t know maybe it’s just too obvious a gag and the use of repeated animation with biker pack blowing out the smoke and the detour sign.  As I’ve commented on before with other shorts repeated animation is used a lot by Disney, because it’s cost effective, but normally it isn’t used within the same short.

Still it’s good short with some fun gags, good use of visuals with the transitions cards, and I enjoy seeing Goofy do well at riding a bike.      

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