Sunday, January 24, 2016

Short Subject: How to Be Groovy, Cool, and Fly (2001)

Oh the nostalgia!

That’s what this short is pure nostalgia.  It touches on every major fashion trend of the 60’s through to the 90s and I love it.  And also we have a short where the title finally matches the subject matter hooray! 

This short makes good use of the limited budget too by pretty much having no backgrounds, most of them are just a solid colour behind Goofy as he models the different fashions of each decade.  My personal favourite is the Star Wars shout out, especially when Goofy cuts the backdrop with a lightsaber and then the spotlight falls on his head giving him a makeshift Darth Vader suit complete with heavy breathing.  It’s a great bit of slapstick and pop culture referencing all in one go.   The Beatles reference is also fun, and gets even better when the girls rip off his clothes and he hide behind a drum the just reads help.  The only era I didn’t care for was the 80s, and that’s because I just couldn’t buy Goofy in the rockstar get up.  Sorry Powerline did it first Goofy and he did it better.  

The ending like the other more modern shorts again comes full circle with Goofy still in his regular outfit, but I like how Goofy is now a trend setter and even Donald and Mickey are wearing his trademark clothes, and looking really good in them too.  It’s a nice pet the dog moment after getting his vacation ruined by overspending in the last short.

So this is a very fun short that works within its budget to make a funny and entertaining  piece that pokes a bit of fun at the different fashion trends of each era; and in the words of those who are groovy, cool, and fly:  peace I’m out!

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