Friday, January 29, 2016

Short Subject: How to Take Care of Your Yard (2000)

Goofy does gardening.

One of my personal favourites from this era of ‘how to’ shorts for its use of continuity and just being fun in general.  I like how every time the trailer gets damaged we see that continue into the next season.  When Goofy cuts the trailer into chunks in spring we see it roped together in summer.  When he floods it with sprinkler system we see him bailing out water in fall; all leading to an ironic ending where his yard is no longer the eyesore, his house is.  Also continuity is still kept through all these shorts with the Ajax chainsaw.

I love the transitions here. Rather than doing separate cards as is the routine this sticks with one shot of the season wheel and rotates and lights up each of the four seasons in turn.  The music is really fun when Goofy is planting the seeds and trying to water the sunflowers.  And I love how the narrator gets mad at Goofy for wasting water.  Each season comes with its own challenges for Goofy whether its snow removal, leaf blowing, or watering and as always he, and his trailer, suffer for his bubbling actions.  I enjoy the leaf blower best where he literally blows away himself and the background.     

So another well done ‘how to’ short with a great sense of continuity throughout the seasons with Goofy’s trailer falling further to pieces as time passes, a nice shake up of the traditional transitions with the wheel of seasons instead, and some fun scenarios for each season.

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