Saturday, January 2, 2016

Short Subject: Tomorrow We Diet! (1951)

The New Year resolutions are in full swing.  Let’s watch the most prominent one get broken.

Actually let’s not because I don’t like this short.  It revolves around one joke: Goofy is fat.  It’s old before it even begins.  We get all the typical breaking things because of weight gags and Goofy going crazy trying not to focus on food.  Mirror Goofy is also a jerk and I find his voice grating. Seriously If I wanted to watch a character suffer, be insulted, and be denied things I’d watch a Donald Duck short.  Also the laugh from Mirror Goofy at the end just irks my every time.   He doesn’t have the traditional Goofy voice as I said just this grating one so it’s weird hearing the goofy laugh from him.  Maybe it’s meant to be a light-hearted gag after everything else in the short, but I’m not buying it.

Nothing else to say really I think this is annoying for following the usual clichés of being fat from over eating, healthy food being seen as rabbit food, and the whole idea of crashing dieting being healthy, it’s not.  I like seeing a heavy set design of Goofy just because it is so different and I enjoy the walk cycles and such from him.  Also the pictures on the wall are nice throwbacks to other shorts like ‘Tennis Racquet’, but other than that I find this short too mean-spirited and would recommend giving it a pass.

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