Saturday, January 23, 2016

Short Subject: How to Wash Dishes (2000)

Okay was someone on staff trying to be ironic?

Once again we have a short that has nothing to do with its title so I’m left to think this is now a running gag.  I don’t like it, but the short itself, about Goofy going on vacation, is at least good.  I really like the opening of Goofy being frustrated as a dishwasher and snapping at the narrator, a first for the how to shorts.  Like ‘How to be a waiter’ this also comes full circle when he is back washing dishes at the end, while still on his vacation no less,  after maxing out his credit card.   

While the animation is still dirt cheap I enjoyed this more than the last short probably because the gags are a bit faster paced and there is more variety in locations given its about traveling.  Even in just the airplane ride there’s the movie screen being far away gag, the bite sized food, the bathroom being too small, and falling out the back of the plane with the beverage cart.  I also love the carry over jokes. Not just that Goofy says ‘charge it!’ for everything, but also when the fish in one scene ends as fine dining dish in a later scene.  Finally I agree with the narrator that souvenirs are indeed one of the most important things about traveling.  If you can’t show friends and family a plastic knick-knack you bought while away, that probably wasn’t even made in the country you were visiting, you have failed as a traveller.

So all in all a nice bit of fun from that era of Disney shorts.

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