Saturday, February 27, 2016

Short Subject: Out on a Limb (1950)

Donald pranks Chip and Dale and of course it backfires.

This is a low key Chip and Dale versus Donald conflict.  Not as low key as ‘Out of Scale’ because Donald does get his comeuppance in the end, but low key in that he doesn’t start immediately antagonising them once he sees them in the tree he’s pruning.  In fact he seems content to leave them there and just do his work, if watching them get stuck in tar and being frightened by the clipper wasn’t hilarious to him.  Also he starts stealing their nuts too.  So of course they retaliate and he ends up tarred and leaved.  Though they still end up with tar covered hands and buzz cuts thanks to Donald pruning with a lawnmower.

I like this short for doing the conflict differently, and for having Chip and Dale at odds too initially when Dale is the only one getting pranked and Chip thinks he’s lost his marbles.  I like Donald whistling the tune from ‘Crazy Over Daisy’.  I like the tree limb backgrounds, and the title card.  It’s nothing specular, but there’s enough mixing up of the classic Donald versus Chip and Dale in a tree plot to keep me entertained.

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