Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Short Subject: How to Camp (2002)

Goofy goes camping and gets abducted by aliens.

Yeah this one is weird.  It’s starts out decently enough with Goofy driving out to a campsite and pulling out an audiobook, on cassette no less, to learn how to camp.  I like this set up with the narrator coming from the Walkman the entire time while Goofy explores his surroundings.  I like that Goofy decides he hates camping and goes home, throwing the Walkman out of the car at the end.  It’s the whole middle that bothers me, because it comes across as really plain.   

I think this major problem for me comes with the issue of budget once again.  If the creators had had the chance to create a truly alien world for Goofy to explore with a different coloured sky and weird creatures and plants to interact with I think I would have liked this idea a lot more.  Instead it’s just Goofy wandering around one room of a tiny alien spaceship and climbing plastic things.  The design of the aliens and the slapstick against them caused by Goofy’s actions are okay I guess nothing really special though.  

Like with ‘How to Be a Rock star’ there just isn’t enough substance here for me.  There might have been with a better budget for a bigger environment and more out there designs for the aliens and their world, but as it is I just find it boring and bland outside of the setup of the audio narrator at the beginning and Goofy getting fed up and leaving at the end.

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