Saturday, February 13, 2016

Short Subject: Donald’s Dilemma (1947)

Yet another short where the title doesn’t match the content.

This short makes plain that this isn’t Donald’s dilemma it’s Daisy’s.  She is the one describing the problem of Donald being taken away from her after getting hit on the head by a flower pot and thinking he is a great singer, and suddenly he is too.  She is the one hurt by his absence Donald doesn’t care about her with his new personality.  She is the one given the choice about giving up Donald to the world or keeping him for herself, although her outburst of “me, me, me!” is great.

Okay so the title has nothing to do with the content, but how about the content itself?  It’s okay.  Nothing is horrible, expect when Daisy goes crazy and starts chewing on her own arm, man classic Disney got away with a tom of creepy imagery, nothing is really stand out amazing either.  I like Donald singing ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ it sounds really good, and no doubt saved them tons on royalties.  I like Daisy’s attempts as getting in the stage door, and that she gets so good at getting kicked out she knows where to put the pillow when Donald gets kicked out after she drops another flower pot on his head.  The rest of the short though doesn’t have a lot of energy to it, it seems.  Daisy mops about losing Donald there are some flashes of him on advertising and marquee signs.  She waits through the summer and winter at the stage door, but outside of sticking snow on the scene nothing else changes, not even the night lighting.  It just feels empty and mundane.  Maybe if there had been more variety in Daisy waiting by the back door, and maybe if Donald had sung one other song it would have added some spice to the short.  As it is it’s okay, but very forgettable.   

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