Saturday, February 6, 2016

Short Subject: How to Have an Accident at Work (1959)

Donald said he was going to work where it’s safe.  Let’s see how safe it actually turned out to be.

Not as much love for title sequence as it’s just a repeat of ‘How to Have an Accident in the Home’ with the last words switched out, but I do like this short a little bit more than that one.  Primarily because JJ Fate gets to have more interaction directly with Donald and I like that.  Him yelling at Donald not to forget his safety gear and Donald brushing it off before falling down the stairs, and the line of “but when he arrives at work he checks in and his mind checks out” along with Donald’s expression is priceless. Fate pushing Donald into the nurse’s office and making comments about industry’s number one bottle neck is also great.

The formula is the same with Donald having several mishaps at work due to carelessness and JJ making commentary on it.  There’s one instance of racial insensitivity with the old Chinese proverb joke, but since it’s basically that same as the keep your thoughts on the job gag right before it Disney could easily decide to cut it in newer releases of the short and nothing would be lost by doing so in my opinion.   

Despite that bit of cringe worthiness the short over all is nicely done with good slapstick for Donald and fun commentary from JJ.  It works as a continuation of ‘How to Have an Accident in the Home’, even starts with Donald being safer at home much to the annoyance of his wife and son.  Bill Thompson’s voice acting for JJ is so nice to listen to and his expressions at things like turning on Donald’s alarm clock leave us to wonder if Fate does indeed enjoy seeing Donald in mishaps just a little bit.   

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