Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 – Early Thoughts

I’m reviewing the sequel to two movies I have never seen! (Spoilers within)

So why did I go to see this movie at all?  Family member’s birthday and this was the only movie that looked good playing at the theatre.  Anyways for going into this film knowing practically nothing about the plot or the characters I really enjoyed it.  The story was self-contained, easy to follow, and had some very nice themes in it.

I love how Po’s adoptive father is jealous about the relationship he is building with his biological father, and that it doesn’t end in the usual way of him getting mad at Po for forgetting about his old life.  Instead he comes to the realization on his own that this is good for Po to have more people who love him in his life and that they can all be supportive in their own ways.  The theme of finding out who you are and pushing to learn new things in your own way is great; to give your gifts to others rather than taking others gifts away.  I love how Po comes to the conclusion that he is so many things that just because you start to teach doesn’t mean you stop being a student.  That you can fill many roles to many people just by being you, and not what you think others want you to be.     

The animation is beautiful from the backgrounds and character designs to the angles, the gorgeous spirit world, and the fluid fight chorography.  I wish there had been a little bit more of it, but I obviously have two other films to watch to get my fill of that.  The music is also great.  My favourite is Kai’s theme and the updated ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ song at the end.  Kai is a little bit generic as a villain which is unfortunate because I love his design.  Since Oogway defeated him and banished him to the spirit realm, and I would think he would do that as soon as possible so I don’t get where the maker of widows and what not reputation comes from since we don’t see him do anything that would earn him such a title.  A little bit more development on the backstory would have been helpful.  Also the vomit and laying eggs gags I could have done without. 

Still over all I really liked this movie.  The animation was gorgeous, the soundtrack was fun and provided great atmosphere, the story while having a couple of pitfalls was still engaging and had some great messages.  As someone who hasn’t seen the first two I’d say go check this out anyways it’s well worth the price of admission.      

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