Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Short Subject: Lucky Number (1951)

An atypical Donald vs Huey, Dewy, and Louie short.

Atypical for two reasons: one is that Donald’s nephews want to help him by surprising him with the car he won, they just get up to their usual hijinks in doing so.  And two is that they are older in order to be able to drive.  I like the older redesigns with the addition of jackets and new hats, but I do wish they’d kept their trademark colour schemes so you could actually tell them apart.  I mean they do still have shirts under the jackets that could have been made red, blue, and green instead of light lavender.  Also their voices as a slightly different pitch from Donald don’t work for me. Quack Pack for all its faults at least had distinct voices for the nephews.

Still I like that they wanted to do something nice for Donald even if it backfired on them with them running off with the car and then stealing gas from him, because they didn’t have any money so Donald became too suspicious.  I love the end when the radio announcer talks about the floating power of the car as it drifts back down from the garage ceiling where Donald smashed it, and the four super balloon tires as they float away from being over inflated. 

Despite the voices for Huey, Dewy and Louie and the fact that I don’t know who is who I still like this short.  The comedy is funny and  I cringe right along with the boys as Donald ruins his own new car.  That’s what you get for always thinking the boys are up to no good. Better luck next time Donald.

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