Sunday, February 7, 2016

Short Subject: Hook. Lion, and Sinker (1950)


That’s about all the enthusiasm I can muster up for this short it’s meh.  The animation is of the caliber I’ve come to expect from the classic Disney shorts, and the character design of the mountain lion cub is adorable, but there’s nothing new or fresh in the concept of an animal attempting to steal food from one of the fab five.  I personally prefer the Humphrey bear shorts for this scenario.

The voice work for the lion’s I find really annoying.  Guys either give them full voices or have them be silent don’t pick this in-between mumbling and growling.  Donald doesn’t get a whole lot to do outside of shooting a gun followed by the pellets being pulled out of the butt gag.  I don’t who on the Disney staff enjoyed butt gags so much that they appeared in so many shorts, but I don’t.

The spanking gag is also not enjoyable, but I admit that’s an issue of the past being a different country like the fact that everyone smokes in old cartoons.  It was simply a more acceptable punishment then than it is now so it’s off putting.  Not the short’s fault just nitpicking really.  Still the lack of enjoyable gags, the overused situation, and the annoying voice work keep this short from being any kind of fun for me.          

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