Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Short Subject: How to Be a Gentleman (2000)

Goofy works to join a country club that involves not being country or carrying a club.

You know for a short that’s basically about how to be on your best behaviour this is really good.  There are nice transitions with the use of the gold tone cards and the serif typeface.  I love the paper doll way the clothes move off Goofy and the way the tuxedo fits over him with paper flats too.  The quip about the suit being half price is just the icing on the cake of a good series of jokes.

The mouse design of Queen Elizabeth is hideous, but Goofy trying to greet her and getting knocked on the head with her specter every time he messes it up more than makes up for that.  This is the first time I ever seen goofy get back at the narrator for his comments, and doing it with the club is great irony. The finishing everything on your plate gag with Goofy eating everything including the table and then waddling off screen I find really cliché but everything else works.  The idea of Goofy wanting to be a gentleman has comedic potential that is explored well for the most part.  The clothes gag is new, him trying to greet the Queen is funny.  Him being a sloppy eater and eating everything are predictable gags, but they aren’t horribly off-putting in ways the derail the flow it’s just annoying.    

Again it’s a nice ‘how to’ short with a couple of clunky bits, but overall it works with the transition cards, mostly good gags, and some fun ideas.

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