Sunday, February 28, 2016

Short Subject: Dude Duck (1951)

Well uh…I liked the title card.

Yeah this one is pretty mediocre.  It’s another conflict story this time between Donald and Rover Boy, a horse Donald is supposed to ride for what appears to be a sightseeing trip through the desert.  I think the biggest thing keeping me from enjoying this short is Rover Boy himself.  He comes across as selfish and mean for only wanting to be ridden by the dames and making fun of Donald for his outfit.  He’d rather fake injury and illness to avoid being Donald’s mount than just going on the trail ride where he could at least be next to the dames, maybe even impress them by catching up to the group since Donald is the last to leave the ranch.  But no instead it’s better to torment Donald because you don’t like that he is wearing an ascot. 

Like ‘Crazy Over Daisy’ Donald doesn’t do anything to earn his hardship in this short.  Rover Boy is a jerk simply for the sake of being a jerk.  Also the way he moves bothers me, because it constantly switches back and forth from bi-pedal to being on all fours.  A few sight gags are fine, like in ‘They’re Off’, but some consistency would be nice.  Also the design of the dames bothers me, because it’s realistic and Donald and Rover Boy are not.

So, over all this wasn’t very impressive.  I find the conflict forced, Rover Boy insufferable, and the animation of his movements jarring.  The animation of the ladies is nice, but doesn’t match the other characters while some gags like both Donald and Rover tricking each other into thinking the other is further away than they are on each side of a hay bale are funny, over all its lack luster.    

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